Hurray!! Today’s the day!! Glass Encased Dry Wipe Planners are available to pre-order now!

I’m so so so excited about this new product for a few reasons: a) They’re an environmentally friendly way to plan, b) They’re a way to beautify your space whilst being an organisational rock star (aka, they’re just pretty ?) c) They’re a way to keep your goals in front of you all day, everyday.Glass Encased  Planners

Dry Wipe Planner

There’s four planners to choose from: the Weekly Planner, Daily Planner, Daily To Dos and Meal planner. And rather than babble on about how fun it is to write-on-wipe-off your goals everyday (Karate Kid style!), I’ve filmed a quick video to show you these beauties up close and personal.

So, there we have it… my first product that everyone can enjoy – whether you have a physical planner or not – and I’m super excited about it. I hope you all love it and would love to hear what you think of this new idea!

Happy planning,
Jordan x

Jordan Gor